Module Thesis with Colloquium, Computer Science (Master) (ER 8)

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Thesis with Colloquium


Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner


3rd Semester



The Master's Thesis is the final work of the Master's Program in computer science.

It serves as a proof of the acquired skills by addressing and solving a scientic or application problem independently. In general, this is carried out in cooperation with a private company or a public research institution.

In particular, within a Master's Thesis the student has to reacher deeper and more completely into his or her field of work, than within a Bachelor's Thesis. Moreover, the Master's Thesis has to contain an abstraction of the field of work that is consistent with a scientific attitude.

Individual exams
Course Thesis



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870 hours in total, including 0 hours of contact study.

Master Thesis 6 Months (graded)

In the final thesis, students work independently on a practical problem or research task within a specified period of time using scientific methods and knowledge of the subject. They structure the task, compile the necessary resources and work on the problem according to a timetable. They are then able to present the results of their work.

All work will be individual work and will include basic literature research, system analysis, coding, documentation, and oral presentation.

Course Thesis Defense



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30 hours in total, including 0 hours of contact study.

Verbal Exam 30 Min. (not graded)